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The Perfect Shave
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Bespoke Services

Perhaps you had something more bespoke in mind? Great! We'd be glad to help you fulfil your idea, we offer the service to create a completely unique stencil specialised to your likings.

More info about the the bespoke services we offer.

Start your hair removal ritual in a new way. Tend to your lady garden.

Use our unique bikini stencils to transform your garden (by shaving or waxing your pubic area) into a variety of fun or sexy shapes.

Hygienically-safe and easy to use at home with any hair removal cream or bikini hot wax.

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Taking care of your lady garden is something which can make you feel more confident & glamorous and with a well-tamed bikini line, you have that little spring in your step and twinkle in your eye that can only come from a beautifully groomed garden. We know you love to look and feel beautiful that's why we have designed unique bikini stencil kits to help you look groomed and tidy. Clean out the gnomes at the end of your garden and replace them with beautiful shapes of your choice. Our products are a contemporary answer to the Vajazzle, less bling and more class is what we say.

Single or taken, these fabulous stencil designs will add some pizzazz to your life. Unattached ladies, imagine this; a sly smile playing on your face as you go about your daily business, knowing that you've got a sensual little secret hidden beneath your clothes!

For those with partners...well, a little adventurous personal grooming might be just what you need to spice things up! Surprise your lover with a seductively shaped, 'come-hither' lady garden and watch as their face lights up. There's nothing quite like a new intimate look to bring the thrill back into your romance!

View our stencil collection page to see what designs we have to offer

Our stencils work with most hair removal creams, bikini waxing kits or bikini razors as well as others that you will find on our intimate accessories page. We favour working with what you have already been blessed with and we guarantee refining your garden will leave you with an 'au naturel' finish that looks elegant, flirtatious and inviting...

Transforming your garden is easy to do and can be done in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience. It is hygienically safe to use on skin. Avoid neglecting your overgrown bush and start tending to your garden. We know bikini waxing and bikini shaving can be a little scary at first so for tips on how to successfully shave start with our Perfect Shave Guide.

If the task of tidying down their can sometimes seem a bit tiresome; just another chore which needs to be done every few days or weeks, then let's start looking forward to the process of hair removal because let's face it; it can be a bit of a drag... well until now. Our bikini waxing stencil kits put the fun back into taming your hair down there! You'll enjoy your personal grooming a whole lot more with these cute, flirtatious stencil designs. There's no reason why preening your bush should be any less fun than putting on a gorgeous new outfit!

Although the Brazilian and Hollywood, 'bare it all' bikini shapes have been around for years now, we think it's much more fun to keep what you've got and turn it into something fabulous! Why strip it all away when you can have so much more fun experimenting with your natural beauty?

With each purchase we provide instructions on how to apply your stencils and offer intimate accessories throughout the store to help you get start with your hair removal.

Purchases made through the website are completed by PayPal and as such are completely secure. Our delivery is completely discreet and is 100% free everywhere in the UK (mainland only), no matter where you live.

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