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The Perfect Shave

The Perfect Shave

Shaving and the removal of hair can become a real hassle for many women, but bikini line hair removal is something which a lot of women must deal with on an everyday basis. It may be considered a taboo subject, but let's face it nowadays keeping trim down there is a very important part of being a woman.

Many women have never shaved this area of the body before and simply do not know how best to go about shaving this area of the body. With this short guide we hope help you see the positive side and discover how easy it can really be.

The first mistake you can make when removing hair is treating the bikini line just like the rest of the body. It is much more sensitive and requires much more delicacy. The hair in this area can be sensitive to a razor. You can remove unwanted hair using different methods and Lady Garden has chosen the best products available on the market today to help you achieve the most perfect, smoothest shave.

We offer 3 different methods to help you on your way:

Because the hair in this area is coarse and very thick on most women it can cause some issues when it re-grows. Unpleasantries such as razor bumps and razor burn are easily treated with the aid of Tend Skin Solution. The Tend Skin solution is a perfect complete solution, be wary of using moisturizers as they sometimes have added chemicals for fragrance and coloring that may be harmful to the recently-shaved area.

Be sure to take a nice relaxing hot shower or bath to open up your pores. Use a hypoallergenic soap to exfoliate your skin, as this will help further prevent razor bumps and razor burn. A gentle backwards and forwards motions is usually recommended but try to not review exactly the same skin too much, because this will increase skin irritations.

There has been an huge surge of public interest in pubic hair removal since the start of late 1980's due to celebrity endorsements of Brazilian waxing by bikini models and celebrities looking for a look that demands a shaven pubic hair to deliver a finished sexy look.

Using waxes are a good long-term option and can last up to 6 weeks. Another way to get rid of unwanted hair is to use a hair removal cream. Many people think it is painful to use a cream but they are specifically made for this purposes and are a complete solution for the sensitive area.

When using razors be sure to razors that are brand new, a sharp blade will reduce the amount of razor burn caused. And also remember to use a razor that is specific for shaving the pubic hair. A normal razor will not do!

With every one of the choices out there, explore a couple of to get the one which is befitting you. The quality of treatments varies from person to person based on your own hair thickness and skin type. 



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