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The Perfect Shave

See how easily you can make your pubic hair sexy!

Moon Shaped Bikini StencilIf you can some what relate your pubic hair to tumbleweed, it's time to start feeling beautiful again. If your lady enchanted forest has taken it that one step too far and you've started hearing the chatter of talking owls coming from down below, you know it's time to do start something about it. The call has come, time to fight back the bush that's slowly nuzzling its way up inside your belly button. It's time to tend to your lady garden.

Call us what you like, muff doctors, muff specialists, we don't mind but our goal is simple, to make you look and feel beautiful! Our product is easy applicable stencils that you can either shave or wax around which after application leave you with an enormous sense of sexiness and wellbeing. We like to think of it as a classier version of the Vajazzle, forget all the glitzy bling you're beautiful enough already. (Read: A new way to vajazzle!) If you're new to pubic hair shaving, head over to our bikini shaving and waxing guide.

We recommend for beginners that you start of with our love heart design, currently our bestseller here at Lady Garden, but bear in mind we are currently offering a pack of 3 stencils for only £6 including delivery!

Once your trusted companion and muff pal has arrived in the post, you'll want to head over to our intimate guide and read about how to get that perfect shave and follow the instructions on your product leaflet.

So without further ado it's time to slay that hairy beast and take your crown as the mighty hairy beast slayer and ... ok... weirdo, you had better just click here view stencil collection

Well at least you didn't accidently get your wang stuck in a paper shredder.


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