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New Ideas for Hair Removal Salons

Bikini waxing is no longer the taboo subject it once was; nowadays, women make regular trips to their local beauty salons to ensure that their lady garden stays in tip top shape. However, because waxing has become such a popular method of hair removal for the bikini line, the amount of salons offering this treatment has risen to meet the demand. You can find this kind of business on virtually every street in towns and cities all over the country. This means that salon owners are facing steep competition, and need to offer something special in order to keep their customers coming back. So how can you make your salon stand out from hoards of others? The answer is simple - bikini stencils.

Women know that they can make a trip to almost any salon to get a standard bikini wax and hair removal done, and this means that they rarely remain loyal to just one place. However if you as the salon owner, can offer them something a little more unique, fun and dare we say it, risqué, you're far more likely to see them return for repeat treatments. Decorative additions in the form of 'vajazzling' the bikini line have become hugely popular over the last few years, and in general, women are now moving away from plain bikini waxes, and experimenting with the look of their lady garden. Bikini line stencils are the perfect solution. Our hair removal style products come in a great range of shapes and styles, from cute little hearts, to pretty flowers and delicate butterflies. Clients will adore choosing from the sexy, quirky and fun designs and may even begin to look forward to their monthly waxing appointments!

Another big advantage is that beauty therapists don't need to be trained in how to use these stencils; they're incredibly simple to use and produce fabulous results each and every time.

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